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Quick Hits: Role Players, Weird Names, and Coaches

  • Did you know that Mike Babcock is already the third most tenured coach in the league? Only the immortal Lindy Ruff and Barry Trotz have been with their team longer. Wyshynski has a good article up regarding the coaching carousel and how it compares to a decade ago. [Puck Daddy]
  • Details of the Logan Couture contract have leaked out: 2 years, $5.75 million. Three seasons (the extension kicks in for the 2013 season) for less than $3 million for a potential franchise star is one hell of a discount when you look at what Steven Stamkos and Drew Doughty have been demanding. [TSN]
  • has put up their all-time fantasy team. The only Wing (other than 3 players who would later play for the Wings) is Steve Yzerman in his 1989 season. That was the year I was born, I obviously don't remember it, but I do know it is considered one of the greatest individual seasons ever. []
  • Great little quote from Mickey Redmond when asked how he got into commentating [The Malik Report]:

"Totally by accident," he said. "I tried to come back as a player and was in Glens Falls (N.Y.) for training camp (where the Red Wings had their minor league team at the time) in 1979. The comeback didn’t go well. I couldn’t play. But I was contacted about doing hockey games for ON-TV — 15 games. It went well."

  • Scott Reynolds at Copper and Blue has a great stat analysis of "individual point percentages" for defensemen, or how many points a defenseman gets compared to how many goals he is on the ice for. Brian Rafalski ranks #2, behind only Steve Montador, and Nicklas Lidstrom comes in at #11 over the last 4 seasons amongst players who played at least 50 games each season. Interesting factoid: TPH has no off year. [Copper and Blue]
  • ILWT has an article up titled "The Trouble With Great Players" and I had first thought it would be about the Curse of Ilya. I was wrong. It's more about how difficult it is to find great players and how the great utility players (think Kris Draper, Kirk Maltby, Tomas Holmstrom, Darren McCarty, Chris Osgood, etc.) often get overlooked despite being essential to the team's success. [In Lou We Trust]
  • Most people would see a hurricane as a reason to board up the windows and go on a weekend vacation. Not hockey fans. No, hockey fans descended on Times Square and put together a pickup game in what is generally the busiest street in the world. [Puck Daddy]
  • On The Forecheck has posted the entire NHL schedule in spreadsheet form. [On The Forecheck]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey posts the most odd-ball names from the 1920's and 1930's. My favorite from their list? Werner Schnarr. Sounds like a name that a comic would use as a top Nazi scientist. Which Wings have had the oddest and/or greatest names ever? [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: Put together your all time fantasy team. If you would like to do just Wings or do just players that played while you were alive, go for it. Bonus points, as always, for using Sergei Fedorov.