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Quick Hits: Langkow, Wellwood, and McLennan

  • The Coyotes re-acquired Daymond Langkow from the Flames yesterday for Lee Stempniak, pending a passed physical from Langkow. Langkow played three seasons for the Coyotes starting in 2001 before they traded him to Calgary. A lot of people are hating this deal for the Yotes, but I particularly like it. Stempniak is not much better, if at all, than a healthy Langkow is and it allows the Coyotes to open up that roster spot in favor of one of their prospects at the end of the season and not lose much except veteran leadership. The Flames got a non-injury prone player that is also a tad bit younger. Good deal for both teams in my mind. [Five For Howling & Matchsticks and Gasoline]
  • File this under hopelessly optimistic: Kyle Wellwood is still holding out hope that the Sharks will extend him another contract. He has reportedly told the Jets and Blue Jackets to hold off, even. A journeyman really cannot be choosy about who he signs with. Look at Ian White and Mike Commodore this year - both knew interest in them would be limited and both signed the first offers they received. I hope Wellwood knows what he is doing here; he may end up in Russia to start the season again if he doesn't. [Fear the Fin]
  • Lighthouse Hockey has a great article up detailing the cycle of the young replacing the old in the NHL (and all pro sports) and how much more difficult it is becoming to break into a league that has seen its size remain untouched for a decade while the talent pool has increased steadily. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Nicklas Lidstrom on Ian White [Detroit Free Press]:

"I think he's a player that's tough to play against," Lidstrom said. "I think he can log a lot of minutes and he can be that right-hander on the power play if needed. He can be a player that's in your face. He's a good, strong skater. He'll be a good addition for our team."

  • Puck Daddy interviewed its own Dmitry Chesnokov for yesterday's "Guilty Pleasures" segment, and the man really does not like Jarkko Ruutu. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Kansas City Star interviewed Luc Robitaille, member of the 2002 Stanley Cup champion Red Wings team. Unsurprisingly, the entire article seems to be focused on why there is not a team in Kansas City yet and how they can get one there. That said, I say we blame JJ for Kansas's lack of an NHL team and send the Star his name, number, and address so they can handle the situation as they see fit (I hear they like torches and pitchforks in the nation's farmland). [The Kansas City Star]
  • Raw Charge gave power play efficiency a look and pondered what it means to allow the most short handed goals in the league. [Raw Charge]
  • Former NHL goalie Jamie McLennan (he played for the Blues, Islanders, Rangers, Flames, and Panthers for a total of 254 NHL games) says Pavel Datsyuk has the best hands in the NHL and also cheats by counting Henrik and Daniel Sedin as one bullet in his 5 person list. [The Hockey News]
  • Yahoo! Sports has released their draft rankings for Fantasy Hockey. Do yourself a favor and avoid looking for Lidstrom. [Puck Daddy]

Discussion of the Day: Realistically, where do you think each Red Wing should be ranked amongst his peers? If you say Lidstrom, Datsyuk, and Zetterberg are 1-2-3, I'll know you're lying.