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Quick Hits: Ericsson Contracts, Doughty, Mursak, and Pressure during Training Camp

  • James Van Riemsdyk signed a contract extension with the Flyers yesterday, $25.5 million for six years.  That's more than Jonathan Ericsson is making; what in the world is Philly thinking here? [Broad Street Hockey]
  • The Stanley Cup fell yesterday and got dented.  Thankfully, it has it's own handler (who also just signed a contract extension valued at two Jonathan Ericssons) who was able to fix the new dent. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Sarah Lindenau has an article up detailing which Wings will have the most pressure on them in training camp.  If you thought the most pressure was going to be on Jakub Kindl or Cory Emmerton or even Mike Commodore, guess again. [Left Wing Lock]
  • Helene St. James finally continued her series of player previews this morning with a post about Jan Mursak.  Sounds like she expects Mursak to be a 4th line regular, likely pushing Drew Miller out of the lineup. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Puck Daddy details the new features for Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey [Puck Daddy]
  • We haven't had any Drew Doughty news in a while, so here is an update.  He is apparently balking at 7 year deals and is instead insisting on a 5 year deal that will make him an unrestricted free agent at the age of 26.  At that point, he will be about to enter his prime and, possibly, the best defenseman in the league.  Doughty-to-Detroit in 2017? (I kid, I kid) [Puck Daddy]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey has Part II up of their most interesting names.  My favorite from this round? Rosie Couture, who I hear is likely to be traded to Minnesota any day now. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Kindl wants to be a regular this season and it sounds like he wants to push to be the fifth defenseman on the team.  I say he pushes three times as hard and becomes Lidstrom's partner. []
  • Jaromir Jagr, one of the most storied Penguins vets of all time prior to this summer, keeps nailing his own coffin with the franchise.  After signing a ridiculous deal with the Flyers on July 1 (four Ericssons!), he pretty much confirmed that he used the Penguins (and Red Wings) to drive up the market for him.  Now, he is talking about why the money matters and how he hopes to score on the Penguins.  It's sad that things had to go down like this, especially with the Flyers, because he was their Sergei Fedorov. [Broad Street Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: Who do you think has the most pressure on them during training camp and the preseason, and why?