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Attention Red Wing Bloggers

It's been a couple of weeks since our fearless leader, Casey Richey, decided to hang up his keyboard, emerge from his basement and retire from active blogging. He handed the keys over to us, and while we loved his sense of style with the faux wood paneling and shag carpeting, we've decided that we want to spruce things up and put our own stamp on the place.  

First, if you notice that the sidebar looks funky, it's because we've cleaned things up, removed a few dead links, and re-arranged things in a way that my OCD brain can process. We've identified each of the other SB Nation blogs by team, so if you decide you want to see what's happening with the Ottawa Senators, you'll know which blog to go to for updates.

To go with that, we'd like to hear from any Wing fans that have started up a blog that we're not aware of (i.e. is not on the sidebar). There's no question that the Wing blogosphere is the greatest on the internet, but it's not a closed membership. If you've got a Wing blog that you think deserves some exposure, shoot us a link and we'll check it out. We'll review it and see if it passes our "rigorous standards"; if it does, you'll get added to the blogroll.

We've got some other stuff coming down the pipe that I think you'll all be interested in. It's going to be a fun year, even if right now it's slower than a Jonathan Ericsson outlet pass.