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Video of the Day - Gretzky vs Fedorov

NHL Network ran a replay of game 4 of the 1998 Stanley Cup Final today and it reminded not only how fun those teams in the late 90s were to watch, but how awesome of a hockey player Sergei Fedorov was.  I really wish he never left the Wings or he could have left the team on better terms.  I'll be the first to say that I am Pro-Fedorov and think that if his relationship with the club was repaired his no. 91 should hang from the rafters.  He was like the Pavel Datsyuk of the 90s in the sense that he had amazing offensive skill, yet was one of the best two way players in the game.  He could stop you from scoring and light the lamp on the same shift.  So in honor of today being the day Wayne Gretzky was traded from the Oilers to the Kings, our Video of the Day features Fedorov with a great backcheck to stop the Great One in the 1996 Stanley Cup playoffs.