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Photo Caption Contest: Week ∞

Welcome back to another installment of our summer photo caption contest series.  We had a lot of entries last week, and in the end, we had a tie.  Congratulations to both of our winners.


Vreeland2 got 11 recs for this:

A Wildebertuzzi always protects his young

While Big Z in Orlando dropped this nugget on us


Bertuzzi steals a quick glance around the rink to make sure no-one noticed as he flipped Jimmy Howard’s goalie switch up to 11.

Congrats to both of you for some good material that we'll no doubt steal for our own later on (mwahahaha)

I also enjoyed that this week's photo caption contest comments drew two photos of their own, from Josh Howard and 42Jeff

Bert_hulk_medium Chuckjonesabsm2_medium

Definitely have to appreciate captioning a picture with another picture.

At any rate, there's a new pic this week. As always, the rules are the same, you caption the big banner pic at the top. Voting will be done on the recommend system again. If you like a comment, click "Actions" beneath the comment and choose to recommend it.  You may rec as many comments as you'd like, but you can only rec each one once. Good luck and good captioning!

Also, if you have any pics you'd like to see in the caption contest, please email them to me ( or Graham ( Thanks!