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A Must-See Post & Weekend Links

I have to tell you that this has been a pretty emotionally draining week. As we roll this one up in hopes that the next will be better, I want to revisit the on-ice ceremony held in Minsk on Thursday to honor those who lost their lives in Wednesday's tragic plane crash. The videos of the ceremony, originally dug out by Octopus Thrower's Monica McAlister and featured on Puck Daddy show a city honoring the tickets fans held for the season opener that should have happened and paying tribute to the Lokomotiv team which lost all but one member to the horrifying accident.

While you don't need a translation to grasp the gravity of the post, The Production Line's Michael Petrella has one up, thanks to a good friend of his.

From the translation:

He said "today is a "black" day" and talked about one player in particular that was an "amazing guy that gave everything he had to the team and was a real man."

While the Minsk players are skating toward the goal he says, "The players symbolically put the puck into their own net, symbolically losing to their worthy opponents. Today, this is the only thing they can do for their fallen comrades.

There's more to the translation and, the full video of the ceremony over at TPL.  Please head over there and give it a read. It really is a wonderful tribute.

After the jump, the rest of your weekend links.

Red Wings News

Chatting with Pavel Datsyuk about Lokomotiv plane crash, his friend Ruslan Salei and future of the KHL - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
More discussion with Datsyuk about the tragedy and his take on things. Well-worth the read.

Fabian Brunnstrom prepared to spend time in minors in order to join Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
More details on Fabian Brunnstrom's decision to go with the Stars three years ago and his willingness to play in the AHL to stay with the Wings organization.

Widow of former Red Wing Ruslan Salei thanks hockey community for support after tragedy |
Bethann Salei said in a statement that Ruslan treasured his family life and three young children. Continued with additional quotes from Red Wings players.

The Left Wing Lock" Blog Archive " Nyquist Ready to Make the Jump
Gustav Nyquist is making the jump from NCAA hockey to the Griffins this year and wants to show that he can make the adjustments to the professional game. It's not wholly outside the realm of possibility he could get (very limited) time with the big club this year.

Elsewhere Around the League

Lokomotiv will NOT play this year - Dmitry Chesnokov: Twitter
Chesnokov reports on Twitter that Lokomotiv's team president tells SovSport that the team will not rebuild and play this year, focusing on the 2012-13 season instead. Chesnokov also reports "The KHL will rename the Opening Cup (the first game of the season between previous year's finalists) to Lokomotiv Cup"

"World expansion... next step for the N.H.L." - Silver Seven
1970-71? They didn't even play hockey back then, did they? They must not have, because the Penguins hadn't won a cup yet. Great find from Silver Seven.

Things You Didn't Know Were Still Possible: Islanders Trade David Toews to Chicago for Considerations - Lighthouse Hockey
Seriously, David Toews? I don't know anything about this guy, but I'm already guessing he's the wacky younger brother who Patrick Kane takes to strip clubs.

Video Game Reviews | RotoRob
Former SB Nation writer Mike Chen reviews NHL 12. I'm still trying to teach my toaster to feel love, but they've done a damn good job of keeping the dust off of Gary Thorne & Bill Clement for that series.

Philadelphia Flyers' Chris Pronger returns to ice after offseason back surgery - ESPN
Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger skated Friday for the first time since offseason back surgery. He then tried to fight the Zamboni and stole the official scorer's clipboard.

(Update) Mayor wants Canucks to kick in for riot costs - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Man, that's some good political backpedaling by a guy who basically said "we threw a party to celebrate you and bad things happened; now you have to pay up."

Sleektooned Blog Logos 3: Now it's a Trilogy! - Battle of California
Earl Sleek is back with three new Sleektooned logos for SB Nation blogs. This time he hits up In Lou We Trust, Matchsticks & Gasoline, and Defending Big D.

Do You Want Your Defense to Score? - The Copper & Blue
Which teams get a lot of their scoring from defensemen? The answer is "good teams... probably"