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Quick Hits: Prospects Lose, Team Previews, and An NHL 12 Extra

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  • Let's start this off right: it was a damn great weekend for sports in Michigan. Lions won. Tigers won. Wolverines won (and in spectacular fashion) the first ever night game at the Big House. The Spartans earned a shutout. Hell, I'll even go so far as to say the Pistons won due to NBA labor negotiations going seemingly well. That said, the Red Wings did not win. Our prospects played the Wild's prospects in our annual prospects tourney and lost 4-2, which is about par for the course; we never win in the tournament. I can't find a box score or even a recap, so we'll just stick with a Twitter confirmation of the score. [@DetroitRedWings] [Late Addition: Recap from Left Wing Lock]
  • No source on this, but we reportedly lost the tournament opener to the Blue Jackets as well. Like I said, though, we never win.
  • Puck Daddy finally posted their Red Wings preview. It's more of the same, really: Brian Rafalski is going to be extremely difficult to replace but Ian White was a good signing to try to do so, they have old players but are not entirely old, and will contend as always. [Puck Daddy]
  • TSN also has their Red Wings preview up. If you want a recap, move your eyes to the last bullet point. [TSN]
  • Sounds like the Kings may finally be starting to worry about Drew Doughty sitting out training camp. He reportedly turned down a 9 year, $61.2 million offer at some point this summer in favor of something shorter. Common knowledge is that he believes a short term deal that makes him a UFA the soonest will allow him to net an absolutely mammoth deal at that time. It is likely he is seeking a 5 year deal, possibly worth less annually than the Kings are willing to pay him, even. My advice to Doughty: take the longest, largest contract you can because you may not be able to starting next September. [Puck Daddy]
  • Khan has a player preview up for Chris Conner. Conner stands very little chance of making the team and will likely be relegated to the Griffins for almost all of the season, but he does have some upside. His small size (he is just 5'8) helps him be on of the faster players on the ice and he is relatively smart out there. Unfortunately for the Michigan native, though, we already have 14 forwards. [MLive]
  • Blue Jackets forward Kristian Huselius is reportedly no where near returning to the ice after "tearing his chest" (thank you for that image, ESPN) earlier this summer. [TSN]
  • I've been hearing that Ilya Bryzgalov is a great Tweeter; after this Battle of California post, though, I don't think I will be following him. [Battle of California]
  • There will be an odd player in the free agent pool of NHL 12 this year: a 14-year old girl. She won a contest and EA put a player with her likeness into the game. EA has done similar things over the last few releases of its popular game, mostly with the Make-A-Wish foundation. Last year's addition was a pre-teen cancer patient who was a 96 overall goalie the last time I looked. [The Globe and Mail]
  • Doughty isn't the only RFA still unsigned as Zach Bogosian and the Jets are still looking to hack out a new contract before training camps start. [NBC Sports]
  • Late Addition: Alexander Galimov, the last surviving member of the Lokomotiv team that perished in the plane crash last week, died today. [The Globe and Mail. Thanks to voline for the comment]

Discussion of the Day: This past weekend in Michigan sports. Off topic, sure, but it was a great weekend for us.