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Quick Hits: Stay Classy, Toews

  • We'll start off today the right way by reminding you that NHL 12 is in stores now.  Sadly, I won't be able to play it until Friday.  New in this year's game are legends including Chelios and Yzerman, the Winter Classic, goalie checking and fights, and brakeable glass, among other things.
  • The Devils are declaring bankruptcy... no, now they aren't.  Wait, they're just selling Ilya Kovalchuck's organs on the black market.  [Fire and Ice]
  • The Rangers actually made a smart decision yesterday: they named Ryan Callahan their captain.  I know, I am as shocked as any of you.  His alternates will be Marc Staal and Brad Richards.  Given the star power Richards has had this summer, I am genuinely surprised they didn't choose him.  Instead, Rangers management went with a smart hockey move and named their youngster franchise player, and great leader and all-around player to boot, Callahan as the next person to wear the C after Chris Drury was unceremoniously kicked out of town. [Blueshirt Banter - Analysis from BB]
  • Patrick Sharp had an emergency appendectomy yesterday and will miss 4 weeks.  As someone who only has one useless organ left to lose, I feel his pain and hope he recovers in time for the Wings to destroy him on October 9.  Who's with me? [Second City Hockey]
  • Speaking of those Blackhawks, Jonathan Toews bodychecked a child.  Yes, a child.  Reports are that the Blackhawks watched the old Kronwall-on-Havlat hit and were using the kids to get tougher.  Good call, Chicago. [Puck Daddy]
  • Marc Savard, formerly a centerpiece of the would-be Stanley Cup champion Bruins, will get his name on the Cup.  He missed more than half of last season with his second concussion in ten months and was not eligible for automatic inclusion.  The Bruins petitioned and it sounds like they won.  Savard, if you will remember, was ruled out of the entire 2012 season last month and it is likely his career is over due to the concussion. [TSN]
  • Helene St. James has a player preview up for Jonathan Ericsson.  The moral of the story is the same as every other: he better live up to that contract or WIIM will be grabbing the torches and pitchforks (which I am sure JJ has plenty of in Kansas, in case you are running low). [Detroit Free Press]
  • Despite saying otherwise after last week's horrible plane crash, the KHL has demoted Lokomotiv to a lower league as part of a gradual rebuilding process.  [ESPN]
  • @FakeDanEllis, the fake Twitter account making fun of comments made by Dan Ellis about his financial situation, has been retired after it was revealed to be Battle of California writer Megalodon [Battle of California]
  • Jets forwardefenseman Dustin Byfuglien will face drunken boating charges in Minnesota after being arrested two weeks ago.  Thankfully for Byfuglien, the cops decided to drop the boating while fat (BWF) charges. [NBC Sports]

Discussion of the Day: What is your favorite video game hockey moment and what do you look forward to most in NHL 12?