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Quick Hits: Bigger Than Ever

  • Let's start off with all the signings yesterday.  First off, Garth Snow finally did good for the Islanders and locked up John Tavares for another six years after this season.  The $5.5 million cap hit is a little high, but I suspect he will grow into it. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • After weeks and weeks of negotiations, the Bruins finally agreed to a new contract with Brad Marchand. 2 years, $5 million.  Great deal for both sides in my eyes. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Another "finally!" as Zach Bogosian signed an identical deal to Marchand's with the Jets. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • And the biggest signing of them all, the Hurricanes signed Mathieu Roy to a 1 year, 2-way deal. [Canes Country]
  • Expect Tyler Myers to follow suit and sign a deal nearly identical to John Tavares in the next few days.  Locking up Zdeno Chara 2.0 long term is about the best thing the Sabres can do right now short of sending him to Detroit. [Die by the Blade]
    UPDATE: Myers has agreed to a 7 year deal with the Sabres. No details yet, but rumor has it pegged at a roughly $5.5 million cap hit.
    UPDATE 2: The Myers deal is 7 years, $38.5 million.  That is exactly what John Tavares signed for yesterday in terms of cap hit.
  • Finally, Luke Schenn, one of the most promising youngster defensemen in the league, should have a new deal by Friday. [Toronto Sun]
  • Brad McCrimmon, former Red Wings defenseman and assistant coach who died in last week's plane crash, will be laid to rest in Farmington Hills on Saturday.  All Red Wings activities for the day have been cancelled so that the team can attend the funeral. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Ansar Khan reports that Jiri Hudler spent the summer working out with UFC trainer Jonathan Chambers and hopes the new workout regimen will help him recover from a 'terrible' season (Hudler's words). [MLive]
  • Todd Bertuzzi's civil trial with Steve Moore over his infamous hit that ended Moore's career and injured him permanently will begin next September. [NBC Sports]
  • The Blue Jackets are going nowhere for a very long time.  A plan was announced yesterday to keep the team in Columbus, something that was doubtful if a new lease could not be negotiated, in which the city would purchase the arena and use tax revenue from an under-construction casino to pay for it.  The kicker?  It will require the Blue Jackets to use Nationwide Arena until 2039.  You heard that right, it will require the Jackets to use the arena until they are old enough to talk about walking 5 miles, up hill both ways, to school every day.  I wonder if they will still be relying entirely on Rick Nash's goal production. [The Cannon]
  • The Kings standing up for themselves?  Inconceivable.  Inside sources have told Wallace ShawnDreger that the Kings will not allow Drew Doughty to make more than Anze Kopitar's $6.8 million.  Good for them.  Now, Holland, dump Hudler's contract and sign Doughty to a $6.9 million offer sheet.  [TSN]

There are so many links today that I had to throw in a jump.  Hit the link below for another six links!

  • This is just awesome.  #1 Wings fan Jeremy Roenick made some comments about the fans of Philadelphia and how they are "crazy, crazy sons of bitches."  Philly, of course, took this as a direct insult and Roenick has spent the last 24 hours trying to explain that he was actually complimenting them. It was a field day on his Twitter yesterday. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Marcel Aubut, former owner of the Quebec Nordiques, believes the NHL will be returning soon as we near the 20 year anniversary of the move to Denver.  I would buy into this if, you know, this wasn't the guy who orchestrated the move to Colorado in the first place. [NBC Sports]
  • Hockey Wilderness wonders how the first hockey movie in years not involving a dog or Adam Sandler with a hockey stick putter will go down with hockey fans. Personally, I think it will go down great with fans but awful with everyone else because it seems it relies heavily on the fighting aspect of the game that non-fans seem to want to rid the game of. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • TSN has posted their projected scoring leaders list.  Datsyuk is the top Wings player at 87 points, 15 behind Alex Ovechkin's 102 points. [TSN]
  • The key to a team moving to Seattle?  Apparently, it could be the team moving to Tacoma.  [Raw Charge]
  • As more and more hockey players make their social networking presence felt, I doubt this will be the last time we hear about this.  The Flyers have officially told their players they are not allowed to tweet or text during "business hours" which, to me, translates to, "You're at work, keep your f*ing phone in your pocket, Bryzgalov." [Puck Daddy]

Discussion of the Day: What do you think of the flurry of signings and how will this affect the Wings, who need to start talking extensions with Niklas Kronwall, Darren Helm, Brad Stuart, and Justin Abdelkader?