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Teemu Selanne Returns to the Ducks, Sales of Square Helmets Skyrocket

The Anaheim Ducks announced today that veteran winger Teemu Selanne will return to their team this season to give the Ducks the possibility of having as many as one-and-a-half scoring lines playing for them this year.  According to the OC Register, the contract is for one year at $4 million, making him much more high-paid than his doppleganger, Powdered-Toast Man.

Uncanny, No?

In all seriousness, though. Selanne is a hell of a hockey player and a decent human being.  That makes it all the more confusing that he plays for the Ducks. Knee surgery in the offseason left us to wonder whether the Finnish Flash would be back for another year or whether the veteran of 1,259 NHL games and the scorer of 1,340 NHL points (and the victim of 1 vicious Kronwalling) would keep going.

Things should be interesting when the Ducks travel to Winnipeg to play the new Jets franchise on December 17th. Selanne was originally drafted by the Jets franchise in 1988 and played 231 games for them before they went their separate ways (Selanne to Anaheim, and the Jets to Phoenix).