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Quick Hits: More Signings, Some Fedorov News, and Concussions

  • Toronto fans can rest easy today: Luke Schenn has re-signed and will report to training camp.  Schenn, their defensive wonder and franchise player, signed a 5 year deal worth roughly $3.5 million, per Bobk McKenzie. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • The Dallas Stars will declare bankruptcy. A few days ago, we heard that it was part of a plan to sell the team, but now it appears that it is the plan to sell the team.  Either way, the Stars will be owned by Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi relatively soon, for better or worse. [Defending Big D]
  • An update to a link I posted yesterday: it wasn't just Philly that was telling Ilya Bryzgalov to shut up, it was the entire league.  The NHL unveiled a social media policy that, for the most part, makes it so that players cannot tweet or answer questions online or anything of the sort 2 hours before any game until all post-game media responsibilities are handled.  Players are also instructed to avoid controversy, or in the words of bloggers, "keep it boring."  This is more or less what I expected to happen, and how it likely should be. [Puck Daddy]
  • Darren McCarty... 3 time Stanley Cup champ, scorer of one of the biggest goals in Red Wings history, hockey announcer, member of the infamous Grind Line, defender of all things right, Claude Lemieux ass-kicker, and... pawn shop employee? [Detroit Free Press]
  • Helene St. James has a player preview up for Niklas Kronwall.  While all the defensive focus has been how to replace Brian Rafalski, this article focuses more on how Kronners will be relied on to replace Nicklas Lidstrom more and more this season as we try to keep his minutes down. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Khan outlines the roster questions for the Wings as we enter training camp, mainly asking who the 14th forward will be, who will win the 6th defensive spot, and if Ian White will work as Lidstrom's partner. [MLive]
  • Another day, another Drew Doughty watch.  Most are calling today the single-most important day of negotiations. If he does not sign today, it is likely he will not report to training camp. [Puck Daddy]
  • Josh Bailey re-signed with the Islanders just in time.  He signed a 2 year, $2.1 million deal to remain with the club as the club told his agent he would either sign before today or "forfeit the season" while the club retained his rights. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • If you ever wanted to see the omnipresent Hulk-Bertuzzi hybrid crushing a Penguins skull or defiling Chris Pronger, DHR has you covered. [Detroit Hockey Report]
  • An open letter to Kyle Turris, who is going to sit out training camp if he is not given a contract extension.  Turris is in for a world-of-hurt if he holds out, a world-of-hurt that even his union rep won't be able to save him from. [Five for Howling]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey has finally wrapped up the 20's and 30's for their interesting names segment. My favorite this time around? Baldy Cotton because Jason Bateman's character from Dodgeball immediately springs to mind. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • And so it begins.  When they speak of the great War on Concussions, they will speak of this past week as the turning point in that war as players around the nation rallied their troops to the cause to push the enemy back and away from the Land of Hockey. [Red Light]
  • I think someone bookmarked this for me on purpose: reliable sources have told Octopus Thrower that Sergei Fedorov's #91 will not be retired by the Wings, despite being the most talented player to ever wear the Winged Wheel.  Blasphemous. [Octopus Thrower]
  • Andrei Markov is, as always, still having troubles with his knee. [NBC Sports]
  • This is an impressive image of late hockey star Pavol Demitra on Jaroslav Halak's helmet. [St. Louis Game Time]

Discussion of the Day: What are your answers to Khan's roster questions?  See the list after the jump.

  • Who will grab the 14th and final forward spot? Rookie Corey Emmerton has the inside track, but can Fabian Brunnstrom or Ryan Johnson, who are in camp on tryouts, or free-agent Chris Conner, make the team?
  • Who will secure the No. 6 spot on defense, veteran Mike Commodore or young Jakub Kindl?
  • Does defenseman Brendan Smith, the organization’s top prospect, have a realistic chance of making the season-opening roster?
  • Who will man the point on the second power-play unit alongside Niklas Kronwall? Will Jonathan Ericsson get an opportunity? Will one of the forwards move to that spot?
  • Will newcomer Ian White work well as Nicklas Lidstrom’s defense partner?