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Quick Hits: Training Camp News Galore

  • Fabian Brunnstrom fans rejoice, he scored in scrimmage on Sunday and all reports have him pegged as "impressive" in camp thus far.  Some of the community is even beginning to wonder if it is really Corey Emmerton who has to fight his way onto the team and not Brunnstrom. [Detroit Free Press]
  • More news from camp: apparently the Wings are looking at Patrick Eaves as being more than just a grinder, pushing him to re-find his scoring touch. If you'll remember, he scored 20 goals as a rookie with the Senators. [Detroit Free Press]
  • "Hundreds" attended Brad McCrimmon's funeral on Saturday and ESPN, surprisingly, given their lack of coverage on the crash, had a well written article about it. [ESPN]
  • Puck Daddy wonders if Kings fans will forgive Drew Doughty for the holdout.  As an 'irrational' Fedorov fan, I can assure you that yes, yes they will. [Puck Daddy]
  • Maybe Doughty should worry more about his teammates than his fans.  This was overheard on the rink over the weekend [Jewels from the Crown]:

If you can't stand up to your agent, you're not a leader, and you aren't ready to be paid like one.

  • There is good news on the Sidney Crosby front. He has been skating with the team and now TSN is reporting one of his doctors believes he is ready for contact.  Could he possibly be back in time for the season opener?  Let's hope so. [TSN]
  • As is common with most training camps, injuries do happen.  It is unfortunate, though, when it happens to one of your best players at the beginning of the camp as the Ducks learned over the weekend when Bobby Ryan injured his groin. [Anaheim Calling]
  • Things just keep getting worse for the NHL on the concussion front as yet another young star, this time one of the 73 All Star caliber Staal brothers, is experiencing post-concussion like symptoms. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • With Crosby likely out of the lineup for the start of the regular season, or at least not entirely up to speed, Pensburgh would like for Evgeni Malkin to step up and take on leadership responsibilities, something that Matt Cooke did a surprisingly good job of last year when both Malkin and Crosby were out for season. [Pensburgh]
  • The first pictures of the Senators Heritage jerseys have surfaced and they are shockingly good looking. Yes, seriously. [Silver Seven]
  • Red Light has their list of coaches to keep an eye on.  As with every other year, Bruce Boudreau leads the pack of coaches-in-trouble and, in all likelihood, will lead his team to Cup contention again.  Funny how that works. [Red Light]
  • Okay, get this.  The Winter Classic?  It's yet to be announced. The NHL's marquee event, more popular than even the Stanley Cup Finals, is just three and half months away and it does not even officially exist yet.  However, it looks like that will finally change next Monday as NBC Sports expects the NHL to formally announce the event. It has been held up due to negotiations for using Citizens Bank Park. [NBC Sports]
  • Red Wings Front has some quotes up from training camp. My favorite is Lidstrom on linemate Ian White, who he says is always open and always looking for the open man to pass to.  If he truly has a knack for being open all the time, that could be a real boon to setting up plays in the offensive zone. [Red Wings Front]
  • Babcock won't just give a spot to Hudler, he will have to "earn the right to be a top-six forward." [Red Wings Front]

Discussion of the Day: Who do you believe will be our 13th and 14th forwards?  Choices include Drew Miller, Jan Mursak, Fabian Brunnstrom, Chris Conner, and Cory EmmertonGustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar are also possibilities, albeit huge longshots.