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Quick Hits: Byfuglien Arrested, Also Fat and Avery Planned to Get Arrested

Oh ho ho oh.  You're a tricky one, D.C. police.
Oh ho ho oh. You're a tricky one, D.C. police.
  • As was suspected, it is being reported that Wade Belak died by hanging himself. As JJ posted yesterday, the NHL and NHLPA are going to investigate what caused the deaths of Belak, Derek Boogaard, and Rick Rypien and take necessary measures to prevent this from happening further. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Justin Bourne, one of the more respected hockey journalists out there as well as a former semi-pro hockey player and son of Islanders legend Bob Bourne, has a great article up about the identity loss a hockey player (and any other person) experiences when they retire or leave the game. Given recent events, I highly suggest reading this.  It's great insight that we do not hear very often. [Puck Daddy]
  • Forgot to mention this yesterday, but single game tickets are now on sale for the Red Wings.
  • Former Wings enforcer, fashion expert, and dater of Elisha Cuthbert (yes, I am jealous), Sean Avery, was planning to be arrested yesterday for the second time this summer.  He was earlier arrested for "assaulting an officer," and had all charges dropped.  This time, he was hoping to be arrested for protesting the Keystone XL pipeline in front of the White House. [Puck Daddy]
  • For the first time in history, the Wings will be "presented" by Amway, a company based out of Ada, MI.  Every time a broadcast mentions the game, it will now be "The Detroit Red Wings facing off against the Colorado Avalanche, presented by Amway."  [Detroit Free Press]
  • There is a myriad of posts up detailing depression in hockey stemming from the Belak suicide.  [Hockey WildernessRaw ChargeToronto SunMore Hockey WildernessPension Plan Puppets]
  • For the first time in months, I get to source Ansar Khan and I am quite happy to do so.  He has an article up about what to expect from Niklas Kronwall and how Kronners will possibly be faced with the decision of signing on to be a lifer for the Wings this season. [MLive]
  • TPL has this year's edition of their awesome CHART up.  Included are contract details, team assignments, profiles, game logs, transactions, injuries, etc. etc.  This chart could possibly end the need for Quick Hits as we know it, it's that intense. [The Production Line]
  • Dustin Byfuglien was arrested for boating while intoxicated.  Also because he is fat. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Battle of Cali has an amusing list up about why Lubomir Visnovsky was not a Norris finalist last season. [Battle of Cali]

Discussion of the Day: What do you expect from Kronwall both this year and in the future?  Also, feel free to discuss how fat Byfuglien is and Elisha Cuthbert.  Happy Friday, people.