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Mike Modano Retires

It's been a summer full of departures and retirements for the Red Wings, and Mike Modano became the latest Wing to retire, announcing his decision on his Facebook page before presumably going back to feeding his animals on Farmville.

Last year was not the way that Modano wanted to go out, as a severed wrist tendon caused him to miss 42 games just as he was starting to get acclimated to the Wings' system. His homecoming was more Biff Tannen than George McFly (because I made a BTF reference earlier and it's now stuck in my brain), and after presumably not getting any offers this summer, he decided to hang up the skates.

While I've admitted I didn't have the same sentimental reasons for seeing Modano end his career in Detroit, it's a shame that he had to go out after a down year. We have to be honest with each other in that many people will choose to forget that he played this year in Detroit, instead focusing on his years in Minnesota and Dallas and the good he did for hockey in Texas.

Modano retires as the all-time leading scorer among US-born players, amassing 561 goals and 1374 points in 1499 games. He will go down as arguably the greatest American born player in the history of the NHL, and I can guarantee that Dallas will never again see a player wear the number 9.

Mike, it was great having you in Detroit, even if it didn't really work out during your time here. We wish you nothing but the best as you enjoy retirement. I imagine getting to spend more time with Willa isn't exactly bringing a tear to your eye.