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Photo Caption Contest: Week Knees

Caption this for Modano.
Caption this for Modano.

Welcome back to another week of WIIM's photo caption contest. Last week's winning caption was absolutely incredible. It's going to be tough to top this one, which pulled in an incredible 24 recs. Your winner is LAwing:



Rinne attempts to save Kronwall’s shot from the point.

Bra-vo.  If this one flew over your head, Educate yourself here.

Our runner up this week was... well it was me.

Eaves still isn’t quite sure on what the concept of "Superman that ho" actually means.

It's cheating though, so true runner-up status goes to previous winner rock n rye for this:

Ever the trend setter, Patrick Eaves brings planking to Nashville

Well done on another week of funny, folks.  with a new pic this week, like always, the rules are the same, you caption the big banner pic at the top. Voting will be done on the recommend system again. If you like a comment, click "Actions" beneath the comment and choose to recommend it.  You may rec as many comments as you'd like, but you can only rec each one once. Good luck and good captioning!

Also, if you have any pics you'd like to see in the caption contest, please email them to me ( or Graham ( Thanks!