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Quick Hits: Houston, We Have Hockey

I nominate this both as picture of the preseason and the next photo caption photo.
I nominate this both as picture of the preseason and the next photo caption photo.
  • As if the horrible plane crash in Russia that killed every single player on the KHL's Lokomotiv wasn't enough, we get this.  Ivan Tkachenko, team captain and member of the team for 10 seasons, was making incredibly large donations anonymously to kids suffering from cancer.  His final donation was sent just minutes before take-off two weeks ago. [Puck Daddy]
  • In what was a complete shock to me, the Islanders named Mark Streit their captain yesterday.  I was 100% convinced they were going to, and should, name Kyle Okposo their captain. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Another season, another copycat.  Someone threw a crab onto the ice in Baltimore as the Capitals played the Predators. [Washington Post]
  • The game in Baltimore also featured some of the worst ice conditions I have ever seen.  Just take a look at the bottom of the source link to see what I mean. [NBC Sports]
  • This came as another shock to me: The Blue Jackets inked forward R.J. Umberger to a 5 year, 23 million extension.  Everyone on The Cannon is excited about the deal, but I don't see why.  Sure, he is a decent forward and, by all accounts, their true leader, but that is quite a contract for someone that will never be better than a third tier forward.  Then again, sometimes you have to overpay to keep your team together, right Sergei? [The Cannon]
  • Helene St. James believes that Brad Stuart and Niklas Kronwall have what it takes to be our top pairing on defense. [Detroit Free Press]
  • You know the hit that JJ posted about last night where Jody Shelley absolutely blind sided Darryl Boyce? Yeah, even the Philly fans want to see him made an example of.  Hell, half of them seem to want his contract voided. [Broadstreet Hockey]
  • Mac Pacioretty played for the first time since his crushing hit from Zdeno Chara last season. [NBC Sports]
  • Copper and Blue have brought on a guy as fond as Mickey of the telestrator and he is starting off his writing career by illustrating how t prevent zone entry on the penalty kill.  From the looks of things, he knows more about it than his team does. [Copper and Blue]
  • The Blues rejected an offer of $167 million from Calgary business man Max Chambers to buy the team.  [NBC Sports]
  • Ansar Khan details Todd Bertuzzi's recovery from concussion and what he must do to continue playing the way he did at the end of last season. [MLive]

Discussion of the Day: Who impressed you the most in last night's preseason opener?