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Top Ten: We Asked, You Answered

This morning we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to get your feedback on exactly how strong the pull is to be a Wings fan. Some people say that being a fan of hockey's greatest organization is a choice. To them, I say "bullshit." For me, choosing to be a fan of the Wings is the same as choosing eat more than the bare-minimum of sustenance or choosing to sleep indoors.  I could survive by making a conscious effort to stop doing those things, but why the hell would I?

With that in mind, we posed the question to our Facebook readers and Twitter followers, asking them to fill in the blank in the following sentence:

I would rather ________ than stop rooting for the Red Wings

We got lots of responses and would like to thank everybody who participated today. It was hard to narrow them down, but here are some of our favorite responses:

10. Watch baseball every day for a month (by Michelle B. on Facebook)

9. Play for Tortorella (@Trendkill14)

8.  Cut off my balls (@wizofozblog)

7.  Call Sidney Crosby classy (@jfcollins6)

6.  Have Lambert's babies (@godzilla8tokyo)

5.  Listen to a never-ending loop of Nickelback and Train (@jason_d_price)

4.  Take an elbow from Ted Lindsay (@theghostofrocky)

3.  Live in an eternal Michigan winter! (Tyler G. on Facebook)

2.  Get hit by that falling satellite (user pzar11 via Facebook)

And my personal favorite, from our Facebook Fan Page.  Somebody named Kari:

1.  Graham [Amerinadian] better not say leave his wife :)

You hear that, Graham?