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Weekend Links and Open Thread: Fall is Here

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So the Wings are 1-2-0-0-0-0-0-0 in preseason so far with both losses coming from Datsyuk's squad and the lone win from Lidstrom's side (after blowing 2 two-goal leads to go to a shootout). Since the sky is falling, let's enjoy some links while we wait to be crushed by clouds.

Red Wings News:

Jurco re-assigned to CHL - Detroit Red Wings - Press Release
So that ends the speculation about Jurco still being with the club. He'll get a good chance to work on his skills in the CHL and hopefully the confidence he built being given the chance to play that preseason game translates into a great season for the up-and-comer.

Jimmy Howard's New Mask Design
Howie pays tribute to the fallen Wings with his new mask design, posted on Facebook. Give it a look. Class move by Howard.

Fabian Brunnstrom one of Red Wings' few bright spots in 3-1 exhibition loss to Flyers |
More on Brunnstrom's chances of making the club and a recap of last night's game from Ansar Khan. Brendan Smith has now played two preseason games and has been the victim of two boarding penalties. Apparently, people other than Jeff find his backside irresistible.

3-1 Loss thoughts from JLA - WIIM Fanposts
Speaking of recaps, WIIM regular Josh Howard was at the game and put up this Fanpost with his thoughts. Good writeup from somebody who was in the crowd.

Patrick Eaves and the Michigan Humane Society Have Teamed Up Again | Nightmare on Helm Street
Patrick Eaves has an absolutely monstrous dog and it is awesome. Also awesome? Eaves has teamed up with the Michigan Humane Society. For donations, they're offering a chance to meet Eaves and watch a Red Wings practice. Sunday is the cutoff, so get on it.

Elsewhere Around the League:

My latest greatest idea to break the Doughty impasse - Jewels From The Crown
I imagine this one dawned on Quisp as he sat drinking his Kool-Aid in a dimly lit room, rubbing the two-day stubble on his chin; but you know, it's a pretty brilliant idea.

The Moneypuck revolution - The Globe and Mail
James Mirtle has a great writeup on how teams are starting to come around to advanced hockey statistics thanks in large part to the work of Gabe Desjardins.

A Sour Grape Whines about the Jets Return to Winnipeg - Arctic Ice Hockey
I debated whether or not to include this, since it is more attention to a guy I hope gets ostracized from the hockey community, but it's a link to a fellow SB Nation site, not to his content on Puck Daddy. Also, it points out that he's being stupid again, which is something I can always get behind.

The Core and "The Nash Window" - How the Umberger Extension Rounds It All Out - The Cannon
Is Umberger the final piece for the Jackets to utilize the window of Rick Nash's prime to make them a contender? The Cannon seems to think so.

Manny Legace’s comeback hopes take a blow, released by Canucks | ProHockeyTalk
The writing may have been on the wall for Manny Legacy from the moment he accepted a tryout with the Canucks. The inevitable happened on Friday when Vancouver released him from his professional tryout.