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Quick Hits: Sheriff Shanahan Seeks to Suspend Stupid Players

  • As was mentioned in the comments yesterday, Jan Mursak will miss closer to three months than the original 2 months that I reported.  Don't expect him back until after Christmas. [MLive]
  • As with pretty much everyone else in the Wings community, Helene St. James believes that the Mursak injury has opened up the door for Fabian Brunnstrom to win himself a spot on the roster. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Following the announcement of the Winter Classic yesterday, NOHS believes the Big House in Ann Arbor would make a great venue for a Classic between the Red Wings and Blue Jackets.  I agree, though I think I would rather see the Avalanche come to town for a grudge match of sorts. [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • Darren Elliot of Sports Illustrated believes it is time to start taking responsibilities off Nicklas Lidstrom's shoulders and reducing his playing time in an effort to help guide us to his inevitable retirement and save for him for playoffs. [Sports Illustrated]
  • Shanahan slapped some wrists again last night.  James Wisniewski was suspended 2 preseason and 8 regular season games for his hit on Cal Clutterbuck.  Along with the suspension, Shanny also released his standard explanation video which gives us our first look at the hit.  I will say this: I am glad we did not sign Wisniewski if this is how he plans to play.  That was an atrocious hit and one that I am glad to see Shanahan cracking down on.  Interesting factoid: Wisniewski will forfeit nearly $600,000 in salary with this suspension.  Every other Shanahan suspension so far combined has forfeited just a bit more than that. [The Cannon]
  • From the same game, Brad Staubitz was suspended 2 preseason and 3 regular season games for his hit-from-behind in the same game.  One thing is for certain - Shanahan is not messing around with this.  With two-three more suspension worthy hits last night and another incident (see below), Shanny has hit work cut out for him. [Hockey Wilderness]
  • Wayne Simmonds, recently the victim of a racial act of hate, reportedly used a homophobic slur against hockey's gay right's crusader, Sean Avery.  It will be interesting to see how Shanahan deals with this one. [Puck Daddy]
  • Tom Sestito is the other Flyers player facing suspension today after an absolutely horrible hit-from-behind yesterday on Andre Deveaux.  He reportedly said he was just finishing his check, but if you watch the video, it was clear that he meant to hit him hard.  Kudos to Stu Bickel for being so fast in response. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • The Blackhawks lost another restricted free agent they couldn't afford to pay arbitration value to as Chris Campoli signed a one-year, $1.75 million deal with the Canadiens yesterday.  [Habs Eyes On The Prize]
  • Did you know there will be a Winter Classic in January? I sure didn't, at least not until the NHL announced it yesterday. [NBC Sports]

Discussion of the Day: Obviously it is suspensions. Is Shanahan's hard stance what's best for the ever-increasing concussion issue and will it change anything?  Bonus points for correctly guessing suspension lengths for Sestiso and Simmonds.  Also, does the NHL need to go after the team as well?  That will be three suspensions for the Flyers before the season even starts, if Simmonds is punished.