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Quick Hits: Enough Brendan Smith to Satisfy Jeff

  • A quick recap for those of you who weren't around yesterday - Brendan Smith is looking at a suspension today, Danny Cleary is out for the rest of preseason with an upper body injury, and Brad Stuart is out with a sore groin. [Smith on Free Press - Cleary and Stuart on MLive]
  • Helene St. James says that Jakub Kindl is impressing Babcock, although no one is sure where he quite fits in yet. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Mike Babcock is standing up for Brendan Smith by asking how much blame can be laid on the puck carrier in cases like these.  Unfortunately for Smith and Babcock, Shanahan pretty much has to suspend Smith, regardless of how responsible he is.  Shanahan has been facing favoritism accusations over not suspending Cleary for his hit on Philip Samuelsson of the Penguins and, I think, he needs to save face with this call to keep his credibility. [MLive]
  • Petrella writes that Smith may have played himself out of being the top call-up this season and that the Wings may instead look to seasoned vet Doug Janik. [The Production Line]
  • NOHS has a look at our defense this season. [Nightmare on Helm Street]
  • The odds are out for season point totals and the Wings are projected to get 104-105 points, good for second in the conference and third in the league behind the Capitals and Canucks. [Puck Daddy]
  • A friendly reminder: the public beta of the CSSI analysis site is live.  Go play with stats! [Hockey CSSI]
  • A suspect has been arrested in the Wayne Simmonds banana incident that occurred during a game between the Red Wings and Flyers in London, ON last week. Oh, and Lambert, he's from London and apparently isn't a Wings fan, so good call.  [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Tom Sestito was suspended 4 games for his hit on Andre Deveaux. Not only that, but the Flyers waived him and many predict he blew his one shot at the big leagues. [Broad Street Hockey]
  • Shanahan isn't making many friends with these suspension; GMs are up in arms and Martin Brodeur, specifically, says he is "giving hockey a black-eye." [Red Light]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey believes that what he is doing is good for the game and that his subtle message to the players is "Become better hitters." [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Discussion of the Day: A ton of Red Wings news today, so let us focus elsewhere.  What do you think the first round of the playoffs will look like in April?