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Weekend Links Open Thread

Brendan Smith, seen here casually showing off his telekinesis while levitating Artem Anisimov.
Brendan Smith, seen here casually showing off his telekinesis while levitating Artem Anisimov.

Well at least we made it to September.  Let's reward ourselves with some links for the weekend.

Red Wings Stuff

Eight Legged Freaks - An Unofficial Detroit Red Wings Blog: Why Apocalypse Isn't Spelled A-M-W-A-Y
E_L_F is back with a response to Gordon from HockeyIndependent and his article. J.C. is not kind about what some feel were fan-snobbery histrionics. As a note, Gordon is aware of some of the backlash and is promising a follow-up.  I'll post that when it arrives.

Does Red Wings-Amway relationship signal potential hockey arena investment? | Crain's Detroit Business
Bill Shea at Crain's Detroit Business has a writeup that starts the speculation about whether this is the start of Mike Ilitch trying to collect enough funds of his own to build the new arena that the Red Wings are going to need in the near future. After seeing what happened on Long Island this summer and reading the economic tea leaves in Detroit, it's probably a wise move to plan on significant opposition to public funding for a new Red Wings arena.

Detroit Red Wings' Ian White hopes to stick with Wings through contract VIDEO -
Ian White got a fairly stable start to his hockey career, playing three full seasons with the Maple Leafs before being traded. Then, he found himself traded twice last season. Like some other Red Wings players who were willing to take less than they were worth for the relative stability of the Wings, White hopes to stay with one team through the duration of his contract.

The Hockey News: Special Features: VIDEO: One-on-one with Detroit Red Wings prospect Brendan Smith
Defenseman Brendan Smith was a Hobey Baker finalist in his last year at Wisconsin and, after spending last season in the AHL, is ready for the next step in his career. Ryan Kennedy caught up with the Red Wings prospect recently in Toronto. (This one's for you, Jeff)

Elsewhere Around the League

Winning the Presidents’ Trophy is as easy as playing easy teams - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Seriously, the Northwest Division was awful last year. Unfortunately, the prospects for a large leap in talent among the other four teams in that division don't seem like they've improved as much as other divisions. Vancouver could be the first repeat-winner since the Wings did it on the bookends of the lockout.

Atlanta To Receive 80 Canes and Preds Games This Season Which is, Ironically, More Than The Thrashers Ever Televised in the Market " Puck The Media
Contrary to popular belief, there actually are hockey fans in Atlanta. Now that the city has lost its team, the other organizations in the area are taking a shot to see how best to divide those fans amongst themselves. Raw Charge has a good article which discusses this a bit further.

Pythagorean expectation and the NHL - Nucks Misconduct
By the power of goals-for, goals-against, and voodoo math, the Wings should have finished below the Calgary Flames in the standings last year. We could get mad at math or we could continue hoping that the Wings can bring down that awful goals-against number.  I choose both [throws plus sign out the window]

Report reviewing Stanley Cup riots released -
Vancouver planners didn't expect that drunken idiots would be as big of a problem as they were and things got out of hand. Hopefully, thanks to this report, the city of Vancouver, nay the entire province of British Columbia can be much more prepared to deal with the aftermath of their team choking away a series they should have won at home.

Late Entry

Sleektooning up other blogs' logos - Battle of California
Earl Sleek darws up some alternate logos for two of the SB Nation blogs. The Japer's Rink one is fantastic and I really like the Raw Charge one as well. Hopefully, he'll stay on this summer series.

It's Labor Day weekend folks. Go outside, enjoy whatever weather you're currently suffering through. Burn some meat and enjoy your last two days of getting away with wearing white.  It's an open thread; anything goes (unless it doesn't).