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Quick Hits: Beyond a Reasonable Doughty

  • Helene St. James is reporting that the Red Wings are likely to offer Fabian Brunnstrom a contract. [Detroit Free Press]
  • JJ has a post up regarding goal differentials on the new Hockey CSSI site. [Hockey CSSI]
  • The injuries keep piling up for us as Pavel Datsyuk is now day-to-day with a sore back. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Brendan Smith had an in-person hearing with Brendan Shanahan yesterday regarding his hit on Ben Smith of the Blackhawks.  The in-person meet likely means Smith will receive more than the 5 game max allowed by a phone conference.  The suspension will be handed out sometime today. [MLive]
  • ESPN has their Central Division previews up, including 10 things about this year's Red Wings. [ESPN]
  • This actually got a snicker from me.  Happy Whodler! [The Production Line]
  • There were conflicting reports yesterday regarding Danny Cleary; some said he would be ready for the season opener, some said he was out six weeks.  Good news is that it appears the latter was a false report and Cleary should be good to go for the opener. [MLive]
  • Red Wings Front has the lineups for tonight's game against the Maple Leafs.  It looks a lot more like an NHL roster than last game's did, which is funny because our b-squad could handle the Leafs with ease. [Red Wings Front]
  • That sound you heard last night? The one that sounded like one loud gust of wind?  That was the entire fanbase of the Los Angeles Kings exhaling as Drew Doughty and the Kings both blinked.  After months of headstrong negotiations, both sides caved to get a deal done before the season began.  The Kings gave in on their "no higher than Kopitar" point and Doughty gave in on his "I want 5 years or nothing" point as they agreed to an 8 year, $55 million contract that will make him the highest paid King, third highest defenseman (behind Shea Weber and freaking Brian Campbell], and 14th highest paid player in the league.  I am amazed this was the final deal, I truly am. [Jewels From The Crown]
  • Puck Daddy has a list of players that are moving up and down in fantasy hockey before the season.  So all of you smart enough to draft Mikhail Grabovski, give yourself a pat on the back as I am right now. [Puck Daddy]
  • Triple P examines stats for forwards and concludes that, usually, only top tier starting center hits the 80 point plateau and your elite wingers top 70 points. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Higher tech helmets are coming out now that protect the head better.  Avalanche forward Peter Mueller will be wearing one this season and I am surprised this is the first I have heard of a player doing so.  I would expect helmets like these to become mandatory shortly. [TSN]

Discussion of the Day: Let's go the Doughty and Brunnstrom route. Do you like the Doughty deal?  And do you believe Brunnstrom will become a regular on the team this season or are we all just crazy on hyping him up after an amazing preseason?