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Quick Hits: Commodore Speaks (again), Chelios Honored, Panthers Delirious

  • In case you missed it, the big Alex Ovechkin press conference yesterday was to announce he had signed an endorsement deal with Bauer (and being given an 8-pack by the folks at EA Sports). [Puck Daddy]
  • Chris Chelios was inducted into the University of Wisconsin Hall of Fame.  Can't wait until he gets into the real Hall soon. [Red Wings]
  • The Jets finally revealed their jersey yesterday.  You can see it in the head image. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Khan has player previews up for our two main grinders now that Draper is gone: Drew Miller and Patrick Eaves. [MLive]
  • Mike Commodore plans to grow his hair back out again this season and also realizes this is likely his final chance.  Excited to have him on the team, but a 31 year old saying he has to prove he has something left in the tank is far from encouraging. [MLive]
  • Speaking of Commodore, he talks a lot.  I mean, a LOT.  [On The Wings]
  • Little Box Cats has an article up titled "More Evidence Tallon is Building a Winner."  ...stop laughing.  They're serious here.  Apparently signing Ed Jovanovski and replacing Tomas Vokoun with Jose Theodore is a good thing.  True, they focus mostly on prospects, but 3 good draft picks (along with 2 from previous GMs) does not mean they are in good shape.  The Wings have as many (five) prospects ready to make the jump to the NHL in the next two seasons and aren't relying on Tomas Fleischmann to be one of their top offensive talents. [Little Box Cats]
  • Did you know the Wings are on a thirteen year losing streak?  I sure as hell didn't.  Thanks to Sarah from Left Wing Lock for pointing out this odd little streak. [Left Wing Lock]
  • For the second time this summer, a free agent that was targeted by the Wings is taking shots at the team.  First it was James Wisniewski and now it is Tomas Vokoun.  Vokoun says we offered an almost identical contract to what he signed with Washington and is now saying the Caps have a better chance at winning (despite also saying it will be a bigger challenge to win with them). [CSN Washington]

Discussion of the Day: How do you feel the Wings sit with their prospects and players ready to leave the team?  In the next two years, who do you see making the jump to the big leagues and who will no longer be with us?