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Quick Hits: The Lokomotiv Tragedy, Crosby's Future, and Stillman

  • While I could dedicate an entire article of links to the tragedy in Russia, I will spare you.  If you really want to read more about it, visit any hockey site, even our own, and there is bound to be something for you to read.  I will leave just this one link, though, in which Puck Daddy remembers the former NHL players killed in yesterday's crash, including former Wings defenseman and assistant coach Brad McCrimmon and formers Red Wings defenseman Ruslan Salei.  Greg Wyshynski did an excellent job and it is well worth the read. [Puck Daddy]
  • Not entirely shocking but unfortunate nonetheless, Cory Stillman announced his retirement yesterday.  He will join the Panthers front office.  Playing in more than 1,000 games, the left winger had 727 points and won consecutive Stanley Cups with the Lightning and then the Hurricanes. [Puck Daddy]
  • TSN has Alex Ovechkin pegged as the early favorite to lead the league in scoring.  And, really, can you go wrong any time you pick Ovechkin to score? [TSN]
  • Despite being completely overshadowed the KHL plane crash, Sidney Crosby did provide somewhat of an update yesterday at his news conference.  Prior to the conference, he skated around the rink to show he was improving, but the press conference left a lot to be desired.  There is still no timetable for his return or even a timetable for him to be reintroduced to physical contact and it was all but officially declared that he would miss the beginning of the season.  Pensburgh isn't too happy with the press conference overall and many other analysts are openly wondering if his entire 2012 season could be at stake here.  Either way, I am glad they are taking it slow with his recovery; hopefully there will be no residual effects when he does return. [Pensburgh]
  • Arctic Ice Hockey has their third edition of "NHL's Most Interesting Names" up and my favorite from this go around is Buzz Boll.  Sounds like a little kid's haircut. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • I noticed this yesterday but didn't make too much of a stink about it, but Thrashing the Blues did the nasty work for me: ESPN reported the crash yesterday in a horribly disrespectful manner.  43 people connected to the sport with roughly 10 formerly part of a league they "cover" and they never gave the story any legs at all.  Dmitry Chesnokov's Twitter account gave this tragedy far more coverage than the world wide leader in sports did.  Go figure.  [ESPN]
  • While the KHL has yet to enact anything for Lokomotiv to replenish their team or shut the team down, it is good to know that the NHL has a contingency plan in place if such a thing happens here (god forbid it does).  On The Forecheck says that the team would first be able to buy players from other teams using insurance money.  Obviously both teams would have to agree to the purchase and I am sure no movement clauses would be honored.  To fill out the rest of the team, a draft would be held.  Each team in the league would be allowed to protect just ten players and 1 goalie and the affected team would pick from the remaining pool of players until they have a full team. [On The Forecheck]

Discussion of the Day: Keeping in mind that players still eligible to play in the minor leagues are protected, which 10 skates and 1 goalie would you protect on the Wings if the NHL had to enact its contingency draft?