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Quick Hits: More Lokomotiv News, Blues Captains, and Wellwood

  • In an unexpected turn, Kyle Wellwood signed with the Jets yesterday.  Wellwood is a journeyman who thought he had finally found a home in San Jose, so much so that he was turning down offers from other teams in favor of a tryout opportunity to remain with the Sharks.  At 1 year, $700,000, this is a very low-risk move for the Jets, although they definitely need something more than Kyle Wellwood. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Continuing his absolutely brilliant coverage of the tragedy in Russia, Dmirty Chesnokov interview KHL vice president Ilya Kochevrin yesterday.  The KHL will push for Lokomotiv to play the entire 2012 season.  How, you ask?  The other teams will all be helping out by sending former Lokomotiv players back to the team.  Better yet, it sounds as if every team has agreed to pay the salaries of their players, despite them playing for an opponent.  There has been a few dozen players volunteer to play for the team already and any roster space remaining will be filled out by free agents and their minor leaguers.  I have to applaud the entire KHL with this move; it's a great way to keep a team alive after such a horrible accident. [Puck Daddy]
  • Pensblog has the rejected features for NHL 12 and, boy, EA missed out on some great opportunities.  I mean, who doesn't want to take to the streets to destroy Vancouver GTA-style?  Or skate around aimlessly, flirting with hot chicks in the stands, and contributing nothing to the game in the Maxim Talbot mode? [Pensblog]
  • As pointed out in the comments yesterday, Joey MacDonald had an offer on the table from Lokomotiv after last season.  When he and Holland were locked in the 1-way vs. 2-way contract glare, he was supposedly going to take the offer if no other NHL team offered him a backup job.  Eventually, Lokomotiv pulled their contract offer in favor of another Detroit prospect, Stefan Liv, who was the first confirmed dead after the accident.  [MLive]
  • Jakub Kindl describes his mentor from last season, Ruslan Salei, as a "soul mate." []
  • Get it out of your heads, Wings fans: Parise would like to remain with the Devils. [Kuklas Korner]
  • The Blues will announce their captains this morning.  Safe bet is David Backes, though I am personally pulling for either Jamie Langenbrunner or Jason Arnott. [St. Louis Game Time]
  • There was a very minor trade yesterday with the Panthers sending Marc Cheverie to the Coyotes for Justin Bernhardt. [Litter Box Cats]
  • Drew Doughty says a new contract is not imminent.  Is it time to worry yet, Los Angeles fans? [Jewels from the Crown]
  • Adam Proteau writes that the hockey world owes Eric Lindros an apology after this whole Sidney Crosby ordeal. [The Hockey News]

Discussion of the Day: NHL 12 comes out on Tuesday.  Most anticipated game of the fall not set in Gotham or ancient Rome?  You betcha.  What I want to know is what you most look forward to and what "rejected features" you wish had made it into the game.