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Red Wings / Sabres Game Thread: Rattle 'Em

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Buffalo Sabres Team Detroit Red Wings
19-20-5 43 Points Record 28-14-1 57 Points
Ryan Miller(11-12-2 2.97 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (26-10-1 2.04 GAA)
Die By The Blade SB Nation Site - Last Meeting 2/26/11 3-2 W (SO)
7:30 PM EST Time - Television FSD, MSG-B

The Sabres have $8M more in cap spending this season than the Red Wings and are 11th in their conference to show for it. Wings castoff Ville Leino has a $4.5M cap hit and all of 10 points in 33 games to show for it. Christian Ehrhoff is being paid ten million real-world dollars and leads the Sabres defense... with 17 points (Lidstrom, White, and Kronwall each have more than that).

I really don't want to crap on the Sabres because they're not actually an organization I dislike. They made some big free agent splashes to show the fans that they want to put together a winner. Unfortunately, just because you throw $10M at a second-pair guy doesn't mean he's going to play like a Norris contender.

Regardless, the Wings should handle the Sabres. Let's see if they do.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.