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Quick Hits: Fifteen

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Hockeytown, No Limits

Red Wings' Pavel Datsyuk excels with no flash or fanfare, just brilliance | The Detroit News |
An absolutely fantastic article about Pavel. A must read.

Jimmy Howard, Wings Streak To No. 15 " The Production Line - TP:60
Your game recap from the gang at TPL

Red Wings keep home fans burning for wins at Joe Louis Arena | Detroit Free Press |
We want 16.

Sabres vs Red Wings Recap 1.16.2012 | January
Another recap, this time from the gang at NOHS.

Red Wings' Drew Miller sticks up for brother Ryan | The Detroit News |
Ahhhh...brotherly love. To be fair though, Ryan had pretty much no chance on four of the five goals. His defense was awful and his team chance him no chance.

KuklasKorner : The Malik Report : Red Wings-Sabres wrap-up and Wings-Stars set-up: Datsyuk, Wings make history by stomping Sabres
Everything you may have missed is all right here is one place thanks to to George.

Around the NHL

Ryan Miller: ‘There’s no such trade’ that can fix Buffalo Sabres this season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Maybe...maybe not...but Drew Stafford or Paul Gaustad would look good in red and white and a Winged Wheel.

For fans expecting a quick-fix, recent Lightning history won't repeat itself - Raw Charge
Times are tough for The Captains and his last place Lightning, but Stevie Y seems like he is staying the course with his plan to build this team and won't try any quick-fixes.

Fraser: Lecavalier's extra punch on Malkin on Sunday
Former referee Kerry Fraser explains why no supplemental discipline should be handed out to Vincent Lecavalier after his sucker punch on Evgeni Malkin. Truth is, Malkin is ugly, so he probably deserved it.

The Big Question: Which player has been the most disappointing? | ProHockeyTalk
Brendan Smith. He's been on the roster for eight games this season, but I swear he's only shown up for three of them. (very funny JJ).......I would say Mikael Samuelsson, but he's expected to suck and be disappointing.

Struggling Kesler gets snippy about coach’s comments | ProHockeyTalk
Trying to pick the least-likable person between Alain Vigneault and Ryan Kesler is like trying to pick which pit bull you'd rather have bite you in the crotch.

Discussion: With home games coming up against the Blue Jackets, Blues, Oilers, Ducks, and Flyers...can the Wings make it 20-wins-in-a-row at home? It would be tough as hell, the Blues and Flyers are good teams and the Oilers and Ducks could play hard. It would be awesome to tie the NHL record though.

Also, don't forget to check out the latest episode of WIIM Radio. Lots of trade talk, including which Sabres we might want to see on the Wings in the future.

Let's Go Red Wings.