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Red Wings / Blue Jackets Game Thread: This Ain't No Ice Cream Social

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Columbus Blue Jackets Team Detroit Red Wings
13-28-5 31 Points Record 31-14-1 63 Points
Steve Mason (5-17-2 3.40 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (28-10-1 1.98 GAA)
The Cannon SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Oct 25th 1-4L
7:00 PM EST Time - Television FSD+, FS-Ohio

Detroit puts their 15-game home winning streak on the line against the Blue Jackets at the Joe Louis Arena tonight. These two teams haven't met since the Wings were in game #2 of a six-game slide early in the season. That was actually the Jackets' first win of the season and it happened more than two weeks in.

This is a trap game. It's like two teams in a box canyon with no way out.

Red should win; let's see if they do.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.