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Coming Soon: The WIIM/TPL All-Star Challenge: Rematch

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Editor's note: Post moved back to the top of the page. We're doing the draft today and will be live-tweeting/blogging the results. Don't forget to get your pledges in to benefit the Humane Society of Michigan. Stay tuned for the fun

As you'll remember from last year, we here at Winging It In Motown and the awesome gentlemen over at The Production Line got together with the mutual goal of making the All-Star weekend more exciting for people who just kind of wanted to see the regular season resume. Together, the two blogs had a fantasy All-Star player draft where we picked among the All-Stars and the rookies that were in Raleigh that weekend and watched as our teams earned us points in the Skills Competition and the All-Star Game proper.

At the end of the weekend, it was the good guys at WIIM pulling off an incredibly narrow victory over the TPL braintrust (it came down to Patrick Sharp winning the post-game MVP award and the points that team WIIM needed to overcome the deficit caused by Team TPL's Alex Ovechkin actually earning penalty minutes in the All-Star Game). Good times were had by all and to the victors went the beery spoils when we got together at H2H2.

This year, we've been in touch with our friends at TPL again and have decided that we had too much fun last year to not do it again. We're still yet to finalize all the details about whether we're going to change any rules or what we're going to have riding on it, but that will all get decided later this week and we'll get the draft done. Of course, part of the good that came from last year's challenge was the money everybody raised for charity in the run-up to H2H2 back then. We've decided to open up the pledge drive for the weekend for this challenge.This year, we're working on pledges for the Humane Society of Michigan.

So have some fun with us this weekend as we watch the All-Star game and why not make a few pledges based on the outcome? You can pledge whatever you want for whichever side, or bid for individual players. If you want to put $5 to charity for Datsyuk scoring an All-Star hat trick or if you want to put a certain amount on your favorite team's point totals (for reference, the points score was 57.6 to 50.4 last year) let us know. Let's have some fun and earn some charity money for the Humane Society of Michigan while we're at it.

Tweet, email or comment with your pledges. Thanks and let's go Red Wings!

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