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Things I Have Read This Week Which Make Me Laugh: Wednesday

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Taking a break from three straight days of little brother the basement-escaper to remind us all that there are some folks in Denver that still can't keep our names out of their mouths because they wish that they had what's starting to rekindle in the strongest division in hockey.

This one comes from Mile High Hockey, in a game thread where the Avalanche were taking on the fearsome Florida Panthers. This guy's first comment after Ryan O'Reilly fires a shot in overtime that Joe-say Three-or-Four lets squeak through him?


I love it. I love that the first place this fan of DESTROYER's second-favorite team goes is straight to assuming that Kenny Holland is sitting in a dark room somewhere listening to 'O Fortuna' and trying to finish off his brandy through tears of disgust that they took Landon Ferraro one pick ahead of Ryan O'Reilly (Detroit traded down from the 29th overall pick in 2009 to get picks 32 and 75: Ferraro and Andrej Nestrasil).

Let's clear this up. Ryan O'Reilly is having a good season. His 36 points would put him 4th in scoring on Detroit (he leads all Avalanche players). I'd love to have Ryan O'Reilly in my organization. BUT, if Ryan O'Reilly were in my organization, he'd have been in Grand Rapids since he was 18, not playing with a big club that has had no choice but to pluck youngsters and force them to develop by fire (while also burning through their years before they're eligible for UFA status).

I'm sure Kenny Holland absolutely despises himself for building an organization that doesn't have to rely on a 20-year old 2nd-rounder who'll escape to a contender the first chance he gets.