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What Do You Mean The All-Star Break is Tomorrow? Canadiens 7 - Red Wings 2

Not really much to say about this game. If the Red Wings are going to go on break early, so am I. Jiri Hudler's your Player of the Game because he actually did something.

The only thing I'm going to say is this: This game had absolutely nothing to do with Nicklas Lidstrom not playing. He played against the Islanders, didn't he? He played against the Blue Jackets, right? Tonight's first period was not about what life will be like once Lidstrom does retire. It was about a tired team that has played a very tough schedule and was looking forward to getting to their break even though every other team was already relaxing.

Whatever. We all saw that shit. So instead of me breaking it down, just go crazy in the comments. Should we be worried that once Lidstrom retires they'll give up at least 6 goals a game, or was this a one-off after a tough win on Monday?