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NHL 2012 All-Star Draft Open Thread

Team Chara and Team Alfredsson set their rosters tonight with the All-Star draft. NBC Sports Network will have live coverage of the draft at 8EST tonight.

I know a lot of people don't particularly care for the All-Star Game, but I'll tell you that I absolutely love the new Draft format. I think the NHL actually got something done better than any of the other professional leagues in how they handle their All-Star weekend. The draft brings a new level of interest to an otherwise stale setup.

So who do you think goes last this year? Phil Kessel's teammate Joffrey Lupul is an assistant captain to Zdeno Chara this season and you have to think that he avoids getting the car two years in a row.

How many picks do you think they go before our boys Pavel Datsyuk and Jimmy howard are taken?

Who do you think wins it if they add a diving contest to the skills challenge?

What's your favorite part of the All-Star weekend?

It's your Thursday night open thread. Have at it.