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NHL All-Star Game Day Open Thread

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No no no; First come steal, then dangle, THEN snipe.
No no no; First come steal, then dangle, THEN snipe.

The NHL All-Star Game takes place today in Ottawa at 4pm EST. Team Chara will take on Team Alfredsson in a full game showcasing all of the offensive prowess and personality of the game's best (and healthiest).Last night's Skills Competition had some great moments, as Team Alfredsson took home the win. I feel a little ashamed to admit it, but the stuff from Corey Perry and Patrick Kane in the Breakaway Challenge actually made me dislike them a tiny bit less.

Obviously, I'm not going to tell you who to root for in today's game, but team Chara has both Red Wings representatives. You can root for Team Alfredsson if you want, but we're not friends today if you do.

In charity news, Team TPL leads the WIIM/TPL All-Star Challenge with 10.5 points to our 7.5 (The winning skills relay team had four representatives from each of our squads, so we split those three points). After jumping out to a commanding 9-0 lead in the Fastest Skater, Breakaway Challenge, and Accuracy Shooting competitions, team WIIM got back within striking distance thanks to a 108.8mph slapper from Zdeno Chara and some creative shootout scoring by our very own Steven "Spicoli" Stamkos.

It's anybody's game going into this afternoon. It's also not too late to get a pledge in to benefit the Humane Society of Michigan. Remember that the largest pledger for each site gets to pick among the six Red Wings bobbleheads this year (courtesy the generous and awesome @ayronatthewings) and every $5 you donate gets you an entry into a raffle drawing for one of the other four bobbles. Get a pledge in for the WIIM comeback and help a great cause.