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Red Wings / Stars Game Thread: Twinkle On

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Dallas Stars Team Detroit Red Wings
21-15-1 43 Points Record 24-13-1 49 Points
Kari Lehtonen(14-5-1 2.36 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (23-9-1 1.93 GAA)
Defending Big D SB Nation Site - Last Meeting 11/12 5-2W
8:00 PM EST Time - Television NBCSN (Versus)

The Wings head into 2012 with a matchup against a very talented Dallas Stars team struggling to find consistency. The fellas in green will be without their top defensive pair of Sheldon Souray and Stephane Robidas, but they'll at least have that meatbag piece of crap Steve Ott roving around the ice looking to cheap shot somebody.

Dallas still has plenty of offensive weapons to put up goals, it's keeping them out that seems to give them fits. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like tough-guy Jamie Benn will get the opportunity to finish what he started with known goon Jakub Kindl the last time these two met. That's too bad for a guy who will one day be better than Datsyuk (cough). Kari Lehtonen is back from injury, but has yet to fully regain his form. Brandon Worley from Defending Big D points out that he's put up a 0.896 save percentage since his return from injury two games ago.

In the crazy (and surprisingly bad) Pacific, Dallas is one win from tying the division leader Kings for first (with three more games played), which could temporarily jump them from 10th in the West to 3rd (thanks Divisional-preference seeding!)

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.