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Red Wings / Maple Leafs Game Thread: You Dirty Rats

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Toronto Maple Leafs Team Detroit Red Wings
20-15-5 45 Points Record 25-13-1 51 Points
Jonas Gustavsson(11-7-0 3.07 GAA) Starting Goalie Jimmy Howard (24-9-1 1.99 GAA)
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7:00 PM EST Time - Television NBCSN (Versus)

Detroit goes to Toronto on Saturday night with their fathers along for the trip to take on the barely-hanging-on-to-a-playoff-spot Leafs and their struggles to keep the puck out of their own net. The Leafs have played one more game than the Wings and have allowed 40 more goals. That's hilarious.

Even funnier is Brian Burke banging his club against the cave wall about how the game has changed enough to force him to get a bad hockey player off his team to make the better. Tonight should be a good showcase for him how the game should be played without dirty rats and fratricide.

WIIM Meetup Chi-Town is in full effect and I'm sure most of you are watching Lions/Saints, but here's your game thread. Behave.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.