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Red Wings / Blackhawks Game Thread: Into the Belly of the Beast

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Chicago Blackhawks Team Detroit Red Wings
24-13-4 52 Points Record 25-14-1 51 Points
Corey Crawford(15-10-2 2.86 GAA) Starting Goalie Ty Conklin (1-4-0 3.23 GAA)
Second City Hockey SB Nation Site - Last Meeting Dec 30th 3-2L
7:30 PM EST Time - Television NBCSN (Versus)

Well I'm recovered from my first experience with Jeppson's Malort (hint: it tastes like a litter box) with the inimitable Forklift from Hockeenight. Chicago is one hell of a town.

JGraham and I will be in attendance tonight. If you can hear people shouting "SHOOOOOT!" during faceoffs, it's likely one of us.

No pump-up talk needed here. The Wings are behind both the Blues and the Blackhawks in the standings. Unacceptable.

Comment away and let's go Red Wings.