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Quick Hits: It's Monday...and We Still Don't Have NHL Hockey

Having a case of the Mondays just got worse. Thanks, Gary.

Dave Sandford - Getty Images

At the Joe

Red Wings' Danny Cleary thrills youth team with surprise visit, joining kids on ice |
This is cool. When does Gary Bettman show up for his surprise visit?

Small Talk: Ken Daniels reflects on Budd Lynch, Red Wings broadcasting | The Detroit News |
One voice of Red Wings hockey weighed in on the passing of another voice of the team.

How should Avs fans feel about Kyle Quincey heading back to Denver? - Mile High Hockey
Avs fans are divided on whether to boo Kyle Quincey in his Central Hockey League games in Denver.

Griffins Report: October 13th vs Hamilton " Pucking Wings
The Griffins lost again. Here's a nice wrap-up of the shoot out loss.

Around the NHL

Steve Larmer Has Thoughts For Mr. Bettman - Second City Hockey
Another player taking shots at Bettman. Idiot.

Who are the players negotiating for? - The Copper & Blue
The argument that the players should stop losing salary before they lose too much because they're really only helping the next generation by fighting is some backwards thinking.

Poetically Pleading for an Agreement - Five For Howling
The NHL and the PA have seemingly ignored plenty of letters, tweets, Facebook messages, and fan videos... But lets class these petitions up a bit with a little poetry. (sure)

Why NHL Fans Need the KHL to Succeed - PensBurgh
The NHL will never improve unless another league threatens to take its perch and its players.

NHL Lockout Alternatives: Rugby - Lighthouse Hockey
Rugby is bad-ass, but hard-core rugby fans in North America are insufferable.

Larry Brooks: In NHL lockout, owners hold key to ending, or not ending, labor battle -
Here's some shamelessly pro-union shouting to balance things out.

Let's Go Red Wings.