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Quick Hits: Is The End Near?

Probably not, but I'm a whole hell of a lot more optimistic than I was a week ago.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

At the Joe

Wings' prospect excited about Gophers - Detroit Red Wings - News
Maybe Ben Marshall can turn into one of those late round gems.

Red Wings fans outside of Michigan...don't miss your chance to see Brendan Smith live in action.

Down Goes Brown: A brief history of Dominik Hasek
The Dominator has quite the history.

Around the NHL

Grange on CBA: All eyes on Fehr -
Grange has been consistently killing it with his coverage.

What Should The PA Counter-Offer Look Like? - Pension Plan Puppets
Good analysis.

KHL suspends referees, demotes linesmen after blown call on Lokomotiv goal (VIDEO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Damn, KHL; you don't mess around, huh?

Max Pacioretty leaves Ambri Piotta - Eyes On The Prize
Max Pacioretty left his Swiss team for no obvious reason.

Nicky Backstrom Weighs in on US Politics
Hahaha. Sure.

Crunch Time : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog ::
"Bettman’s position is suddenly reasonable – fair and inevitable even – only because he started negotiations from a ridiculous spot."

Braving the Beer League- Ain’t Nuttin’ To It, EA Sports Made Me Do It " Not Another Hockey Blog
Another in a fantastic series.

Let's Go Red Wings.