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Quick Hits: October 22nd

Jefflock of Seagulls ran. He ran so far away.

Jim Rogash

First off, congrats to our very own Jeff Hancock for finishing the Detroit Marathon yesterday. That's damn impressive.

Red Wings Stuff

Twitter / NaokoFunayama:
The source of the title.

Official site of the Grand Rapids Griffins: News Releases - One, But Not Done
The Griffins' official recap of yesterday's SO victory over the Marlies.

Misconduct » TGTW: Wings Rebound in Week Two - DetroitHockey.Net
Clark is running a season sim that I like.

The Macomb Daily - The only thing Ilitch cannot buy for himself is a championship
Great piece on Mr. I from a baseball perspective.

HOCKEE NIGHT - The Malört of Hockey Blogs: DETROIT SUCKS: Always Be (re)Capping
Here's a recap of Betty Crocker's Chocolate Chip Muffins because the article mentions Detroit and Hockee Night is awesome.

Around the Lockout League

Sharks Gameday: New York Lawyer - Battle of California
BoC interviews one of the participants in the owners' focus group. It gets a little offensive.

EXCLUSIVE: Edmonton Oiler charged after Toronto... |

Remember in the 2009 WCF when Ben Eager got himself three misconduct penalties for losing his shit because his team was losing and he's a big whiny crybaby? Yeah, turns out he's a shithead off the ice too. He and his idiot brother assaulted a bouncer this weekend.

NHL - This is the week that will make or break the NHL's legacy - ESPN
Lots of talk this weekend about how a deal has to happen this week or one won't happen at all. I'm not sure I believe that these seven days make that big a difference.

Larry Brooks’ Slap Shots: Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner, would rather shut down league than negotiate fair deal with NHLPA -
"Bettman loves to cite the NBA and NFL within the context of the 50-50 split he now seeks. But it is worth repeating again and again and again. The value of existing contracts in those leagues remained untouched even as the players agreed to take smaller cuts of revenue after being locked out." [Ed warning: if you're unfamiliar with Larry Brooks, he's as pro-NHLPA as you're going to get.]

How a “make-whole” salary cap would provide a win-win lockout solution | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
From Friday, here's an idea I really liked. Essentially, it creates a "luxury cap" that allows big-spending teams to spend big until overall league revenue assumptions on the 50/50 split catches back up to the $70M cap number that current deals were signed based on.

The Narrowing Financial Gap Between the NHL and NHLPA |
Tyler Dellow breaks down the financials of the offers and how, despite the rhetoric being spewed about how dire things are getting, the actual money is getting a lot closer.