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Quick Hits: Down But Not Out

Links from around the Red Wings and NHL

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If he ripens anymore he'll be rotten
If he ripens anymore he'll be rotten
Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Hey Hey Hockeytown

The Development Of Tomas Tatar " Pucking Wings - I'm on record as saying I want to see the Wings get younger, and giving Tatar some increased ice time is a-ok with me.

Winter Festival in peril if NHL cancels Winter Classic | The Detroit News | - This is going downhill fast.

Red Wings' Henrik Zetterberg, Damien Brunner have meshed well on same line for Swiss club |
Make it so, Babs

KuklasKorner - Too Much Time For Brendan Smith
If you're an ESPN Insider, you can see the whole article, but the premise is that Smith may be hurt from not playing in the NHL this year.

Around The Lockout

The Vent: Transitioning to the casual fan; the lockout is destroying families, this baby | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports - Great stuff from yesterday's 'The Vent' column.

NHL to pull latest proposal off table | ProHockeyTalk
Sure they are, because they're adults.

Top 11 Things I Miss About St. Louis Blues Hockey - St. Louis Game Time
The lockout crazies has me empathizing with a Blues fan. This sucks.

CHLPA threatens to sue clubs over ‘sweatshop’ conditions for players - The Globe and Mail
Among the charges made in the letter is that players are not paid minimum wage or given overtime or vacation pay as part of a series of allegations that junior hockey breaches the Employment Standards Act in Ontario

Ryan Miller of Buffalo Sabres says lockout is just to 'satisfy egos,' considers playing elsewhere - ESPN
Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller has been patient in his pursuit of work outside of the NHL during the current lockout, but that patience is running out. He doesn't currently have any concrete plans to play in Europe or elsewhere but that's changing.

NHL closer to a deal than they think - The Globe and Mail
Based purely on the league's projected numbers, there's too little to be fighting over to cost an entire season

NHL lockout: Anonymous team executive offers insight in Reddit AMA session -
An anonymous NHL executive took part in an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit Wednesday evening, answering direct questions about the ongoing NHL lockout and offering previously-unknown insight into...

Let's Go Swiss Red Wings