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Quick Hits: Passing the Time

If players can't play hockey, what in the world will they do?

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

At the Joe

Bertuzzi passes time during lockout | Windsor Star
I bet he kicks puppies or something.

Locked out Red Wings' new problem: Who's gonna pay for ice time in Troy? | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
I'm sure one of the millionaire players can pick up the tab.

This Week in a season that actually happened: The primer " The Detroit Hustle
Nothing like going back and revisiting a season in which I was only alive for half off.

Around the NHL

"No progress" in latest CBA talks, says Daly (with video) | ProHockeyTalk
"Unless [the players] show some willingness to compromise, I don't know how we get this done," said the deputy commissioner. (meaning: Until the players give in, we're not negotiating).

Kevin Paul Dupont Demands Your Respect - Pension Plan Puppets
Kevin Paul Dupont, of the Boston Globe, wants you to read his work because he's Kevin Paul Dupont, of the Boston Globe. (JJ)

New Terms To Phoenix Coyotes Lease Agreement Revealed - Five For Howling
The Glendale City Council was presented with new proposed terms to the lease agreement with prospective Phoenix Coyotes buyer Greg Jamison.

How we built, and then promptly destroyed, Roberto Luongo - Nucks Misconduct
Roberto Luongo was brought to the Vancouver Canucks as their greatest hope for a Stanley Cup, but things didn't exactly work out. Now those hopes rest on the shoulders of Cory Schneider, who remains unproven as a starter in the NHL.

Today in Non-NHL Hockey History: October 2, 2002: Shannon Szabados Plays for Sherwood Park - The Copper & Blue
It was on this day ten years ago that Shannon Szabados began her career as the first female player to truly belong in high-level men's hockey. More than a publicity stunt, she became the best goalie in the Alberta Junior Hockey League.

Let's Go Red Wings.