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Quick Hits: Get Comfortable

I hope you guys brought your comfy pants. This lockout is going to last awhile.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

At the Joe

Red Wings players long anticipated games being scrapped, remain steadfast in beliefs |
blah blah blah blah freakin' blah. Just figure this CBA crap out.

AHL games to be carried on SiriusXm - Detroit Red Wings - News
This is cool if you have satellite radio.

Year Without Datsyuk Is Worst Case Scenario For Wings - Octopus Thrower
We're going to lose a whole year of Pavel Datsyuk. When the NHL returns next season Pav could be the goat on the Two Kids at a Goat 2.0 line.

A Fair And Balanced Look At Gustav Nyquist’s Career So Far " Pucking Wings
Some love for Goose.

Happy returns for Mr. Ilitch? | Fox Sports Detroit
This is pretty much a baseball article, but cuppy cuppy cuppy pennant pennant pennant.

Around the NHL

Down Goes Brown: The discarded out-takes from the NHLPA's message to fans
DGB and Bloge Salming with another hilarious video. Phaneuf's voice is great.

Daly calls canceled schedule "extremely disappointing" | ProHockeyTalk
Good ol' crocodile tears.

Fehr sounds off on NHL for canceling games | ProHockeyTalk
Fehr's side of the argument

Giroux, Briere and Eisbären Berlin: Everything you need to know about our new favorite team - Broad Street Hockey
Two Flyers signed with a German team, so now Philly fans love that team. For some reason, they're not huge fans of CSKA Moscow, where Ilya Bryzgalov is warming the bench after giving up four goals in his only start. Whatever.

Top 19: Crazy Avalanche Merchandise - Mile High Hockey
A quick guide on how to make it so that if your house ever burns down, you'll owe the insurance company money just to haul off the burnt wreckage of your stupid wasted life.

A Revised Message From Mike Gillis - Nucks Misconduct
Nucks Misconduct runs Mike Gillis' letter through the bullshit translator.

Blues Captain David Backes Goes HAM on Pinterist - St. Louis Game Time
David Backes' wife sees the end of all days.

Boyle bothered by NHL owners' tactics
I don't like Dan Boyle as a hockey player, but as a member of the NHLPA, I'm glad to hear from players who have their anger aimed in the right direction instead of just being angry with Bettman.

Let's Go Red Wings.