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Hockeytown Winter Festival Alternate Games

If the Hockeytown Winter Festival doesn't happen this season, we've got some good ideas for alternate games we could put together for our OWN festival.

With the cancellation of the first two weeks of the regular season and the league threat to nix the Winter Classic in November if there's not a CBA in place, we started worrying about the Hockeytown Winter Festival that would go along with the Classic. Naturally, not wanting to lose out on our favorite part of the whole situation (the carnival games), our buddy Josh Howard came up with some excellent ideas for games we could play at our own festival.

Ok, the "Guess Your Weight" thing probably isn't going to work...

1. Whack-a-Bettman!
2. Bettman Punch
3. Bumper Bettmen
4. Gary's Cup Knock-Out
5. Bettman's Ring Toss
6. Let Gary Bettman Guess Your Weight