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Henrik Zetterberg to Switzerland, EV Zug Reports

Monday brings mention of two Red Wings signings in European leagues.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images

Two more Red Wings signings to report this morning from official sites across the pond. First off, Swiss team EV Zug is reporting that, thanks to some help from external financiers, Henrik Zetterberg will be joining Damien Brunner shortly.

From the translated story:

The Swede is expected at the end of week and train in the coming week for the first time wearing the dress of the ECC.

The Freep's Helene St. James offers an opinion on what this means.

It's hard to argue with this. Zetterberg has been very active for the NHLPA's player negotiating committee. The fact that he's planning to head overseas now doesn't bode well for negotiations. The bright side is that he'll get time to get acquainted with new Red Wings signing Damien Brunner. It will be interesting to see the dynamic of the two, as both are known for a propensity to shoot the puck.

Also from this morning, Drew Miller will be joining the UK's Elite Ice Hockey League after signing with the Braehead Clan

The Stanley Cup winner and Detroit Red Wings player is 6’2, 180lbs and hails from Dover, New Jersey. The left wing American star will join the Clan on Wednesday 10 Oct and will play in this weekends Homecoming games against Dundee Stars and Edinburgh Capitals. Miller will wear the #20 whilst playing for the Clan.

Puck Buddys had a writeupon having just discovered the EIHL during a semester studying abroad, and says the level of play there is probably comparable to the ECHL.

While I'm happy that Zetterberg and Miller are going to play and try to stay sharp for when they re-join the Red Wings, I hope the latter happens so quickly that the former isn't necessary.

[Update: Freep Sports has an interview with Zetterberg where he explains his decision]

“I think, like I was saying before, I wanted to wait a little bit before I went and played (overseas). ... But in the last few weeks, the indication is it’s going to get tougher and tougher to get spots over there, especially with the contract I have and insurance costs.”

Zetterberg, who will leave for Switzerland and his new club Friday, said he'd only consider a place in Europe where neither the insurance nor the taxes would be devastating. He found the answer with Zug, also home to rookie Red Wings forward Damien Brunner.