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Help A Fellow Red Wing Fan Who Is Doing An Awesome Thing

A Red Wing fan is trying to build a supercomputer whose sole purpose is to research how to beat cancer.

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Christian Petersen

We're stepping away from Red Wing news (shut up, something might happen soon) to bring you news of a different kind. Sara S (aka thetinnishflash) is one of the biggest Wing fans you'll find, and her husband Mike is probably the smartest computer person we know. Mike is working with the World Community Grid project to design and build a supercomputer that will spend all of its time researching cancer so we can get ever closer to a cure.

As you can imagine, doing something like this isn't easy, and it's not free. Mike and Sara are asking for any help you can provide to help him obtain the parts and pay for the electricity required to run this machine. You know, this machine that may help to beat one of the deadliest diseases in the world. I'm going to quote Mike from his site, which you can find at the bottom of the page:

Why am I asking for help- The cost to build this computer is about $1,350, but once running the ongoing cost for electricity will be a considerable amount. I currently already have a cluster computer/CPU folding farm which I built last year that's purpose is to compute 24/7/365. This cluster computer costs roughly $80 dollars per month in electricity on its own or about $1,000 for the year. This first computer was also built with the intention of donating its time. I have considered whatever costs associated in building and operating it an ongoing donation.

This new CPU/GPU folding farm would focus its efforts on strictly Cancer research. The estimated cost for electricity to run the computer is projected at around $60 monthly or around $720 yearly. Combined with the cost of the computer this makes the total cost of the project around $2,000 for the first year, and then $700-800 a year in electricity for each year thereafter.

I'm asking for your help in financing the project because I wanted to contribute more towards finding a cure for cancer, and I wanted to give others the opportunity also contribute towards a good cause. We've all been affected in one way or another by cancer at some point in our lives. There are not many options for us regular people to help with the medical research needed to find a cure. But this project offers just that, a way to help build a computer that will process medical research for cancer.

Head on over to Mike's site and give what you can for an amazing cause. If you'll notice, he's making some offers to entice you to donate, from old hockey cards to building you a computer. Further proof that Red Wing fans are the best.