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Quick Hits: Superdrunk

Riley Sheahan screwed up.

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Harry How

Hockeytown, No Limits... especially when it comes to drinking apparently

Red Wings prospect and 2010 top pick Riley Sheahan arrested for 'superdrunk' driving in Grand Rapids |
Superdrunk driving is super-stupid.

Wings' Valtteri Filppula sprains knee in Finnish league play | The Detroit News |
Let's hope he's okay for next season.

Mirtle: Who should be in the 2013 Hockey Hall of Fame class? - The Globe and Mail
Shanny and Cheli possibly headed to the Hall next season? That would be a fun.

30 Thoughts: Holding the line on contracts | Hockey | CBC Sports
Some interesting thoughts of Gustav Nyquist.

Around the Lockout

Daly: "We’re done making proposals" | ProHockeyTalk
Fuuuuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuuuu Daly -JJ

Henrik Lundqvist’s ‘Son of Frolunda’ mask is almost as good-looking as he is (PHOTOS) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
He'll be needing it for a while.

Sweet revenge: Flyers announce ticket giveaway promotion, get slammed on Facebook - Broad Street Hockey
Maybe should have thought this through a bit more.

Down Goes Brown: Things overheard at last night's Hockey Hall of Fame induction ceremony

Tuesdays With Hildy: Is Adam Oates The Ultimate "One That Got Away?" - St. Louis Game Time
After a little over two and a half years with the Blues, Adam Oates will forever be remembered as half of the dynamic duo of Hull and Oates. Why in the world would the Blues let that slip through their fingers?

Haggerty: Somebody needs to break the NHL silence
It's quiet . . . too quiet. At first it seemed that no news was good news, but we're at the stage now where no news means not enough progress. Is the NHL season running out of time?

Let's Go Red Wings.