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Drew Miller Interview at Octopus Thrower

Our good friend Eurocap got to take in a Braehead Clan game and chat with Red Wings' forward Drew Miller. Give it a read.

Rick Osentoski-US PRESSWIRE

Peter Fish (Eurocap around these parts) is over in Europe this season doing awesome Europe-ey stuff while the lockout drags. Fortunately for him, there happen to be Red Wings players over in Europe during the lockout. Even luckier, one of them is playing in Scotland not too far from where he is. Last Friday the 9th, Peter got to go to a Braehead Clan game and take in a 6-1 victory for Drew Miller's new team.

Then he got to meet and interview him.

Here's an excerpt from the interview. It's a great read:

What is it like to be able to play an offensive game again?

DM - It is nice to play the offensive side of the game again. When I played in the minors back home I had more of an offensive role as well. Being an offensive player, I was counted on to play the power play. It is different trying to transition back to that when I am so mentally used to playing a defensive game. But in the end I think it will help my game back home. It is nice to get that offensive confidence back and here I am playing a lot of the minutes. My conditioning on the big rink should be a lot better when I go back, hopefully soon, after the lockout ends.

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