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Quick Hits: Two Week Vacation

Looks like the NHL and the NHLPA are about to take a two week vacation. Idiots.

Christian Petersen

Hey Hey Hockeytown

Red Wings prospect Tvrdon lost for season - - News
Real crappy news for a Wings prospect who was having himself a real nice season. Here's to hoping he makes a full recovery and can get back on the ice soon.

Red Wings scouting report: Streaky Johan Franzen needs to display more consistency |
The Mule is streaky? No way.

Red Wings 'Ask Ansar' questions: Readers wonder what it would take to remove Gary Bettman |
Ah yes, the always fun to read 'Ask Ansar'

Former NHLer sued for $1.6 million after delivering career-ending hit | ProHockeyTalk
Former Red Wings is in a little bit of legal trouble.

Around the Lockout

NHL asks for 2-week break in lockout talks; Daly: ‘Union leadership has no genuine interest in agreement’ | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
...says the guy representing the side who rejected the offer to play during negotiations.

Bill Daly "more discouraged now" than ever | ProHockeyTalk
:'( 8==D~ ;( <-----Courtesy of J.J.

The greatest (street) hockey game of the year, captured in photos - Arctic Ice Hockey
Recapping Tuesday's road hockey game with the help of photographer Colin Enquist.

San Jose Sharks Gameday: Patrick Marleau Facts: Lockout Edition - Battle of California
Patrick Marleau loves erasable pens.

A Series: Looking into Avalanche and Nordiques Player Numbers: Number 19 - Mile High Hockey
They decided to take this number in their series as though it should even go to a vote. That in itself is a joke.

The end of liberty, baseball in America - Baseball Nation
Anti-Cabrera and political satire. Fantastic.

Let's Go Red Wings.