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Happy Birthday Patrick Kane

He may be an unlikable jerkoff, but he has a birthday too.

Bruce Bennett

Lockout news sucks today, but you know what doesn't suck?

It's Patrick Kane's birthday and he thinks we all know just what he's wishing for!

Here are some guesses:

  • Clean test results
  • The escort to be Adam's Apple-free this time
  • Forever-open bar
  • Believable facial hair
  • Another real center for the Blackhawks so he doesn't have to be
  • Jonathan Toews to stop being such a joker and to start taking things just a bit more seriously
  • More wishes (total asshole wish)
  • For the ten he goes home with tonight not to turn back into a five tomorrow morning
  • Ed Olczyk to stop texting and asking when they're going to go out and "get funky"
  • To be Maverick's wingman

What do you think Patrick Kane is wishing for today? Best guess wins recognition.